Grand Teton National Park Engagement Photos

We had so much fun picking flowers, wondering down little paths and checking out the unbelievable views! Liz even did a little wardrobe change in the woods.. what a woman. I climbed rocks to get the best angles, Liz got in the later, Dominic protected us with the bear spray.. yes, we saw a REAL BLACK BEAR! But not to worry, the park rangers were on that and kept us a safe distance so we didn’t have to use the spray. When we got to the end, there was this amazing waterfall just to top off the spontaneous journey.

We spent half the day getting great shots while getting confortable with one another and being in front of the camera while swapping stories while taking in all nature has to offer. We created a story within a story and took the time to go explore to get some amazing shots. It was a day of success and a day we won’t forget!